Pet Grooming Glove 2 in 1 Pet Hair Remover Brush | Furniture Hair Remover Dog Shedding Glove Cat Massage Gloves Best Gift Set for Pet Owner

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✔️ EFFECIENT GROOMING GLOVE: Our deshedding glove for dogs are made to provide your furry friend with unmatched comfort while helping you keep your home, clothes and car hair free! With multiple soft yet firm bristles, our gloves gently massage your pet's fur and skin to groom their fur as well as help stimulate essential oils in their skin to promote softer and more radiant fur growth to ensure your pet stays happy.
✔️ RELIABLE PET HAIR REMOVER: Using a unique five finger brush design, our Pet Grooming Gloves provide you with a simple, comfortable and fast way to remove loose hair from your pet’s fur while gently massaging every part of their body to make sure your home stays fur-free and your pets stay happy!
✔️ STRESS-LESS GROOMING: Our hand grooming glove are made of a soft rubber which relaxes your pet without causing any harm. All the hair gathered stays attached to the glove allowing you to remove it without causing a mess, Made using breathable fabric and high quality yet soft rubber, our hand grooming glove provides unrivaled care and comfort.
✔️ EFFICIENT CAT HAIR & LINT REMOVER BRUSH - Keeping your furniture your clothes lint and fur-free has never been easier but with this included pet hair remover brush simply swipe it on Items, It will pick up the pet hair with ease from your furniture and clothes car seats carpets, Keeping these furry areas free and clean. Double-Sided designed better & faster cleaning, No refills required like the traditional lint rollers.
✔️ THE PERFECT GIFT: Looking for a gift for a friend that loves her or his furry pets, Want to get them something special that shows how much you care while making sure it’s just as practical, This pet grooming tool makes the perfect gift for any pet loves for all occasions including Birthdays, Christmas's, New Year’s, or simply as a “Just Because” gift to show how much you care, risk-free order - 30 days money back if you don't like.

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