1st Elite X-Sleeves- Compression Socks Men Women - Highest Compression for Serious Foot Pain (32-44mmhg) Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support + Foot Brace (2 Compression Sleeves)

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WARNING! SERIOUS COMPRESSION SOCKS for SERIOUS PAIN RELIEF: These are not your typical Sunday Socks! Only the X-Sleeves by 1st Elite produce the Highest Level of Medical Grade Compression (32-44mmhg)- the other guys merely use 1/2 that, leaving you to wonder if they're doing anything at all. We use the softest premium materials to ensure your comfort will endure for long term use, even in the most rigorous conditions.
DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: Scientifically Engineered & Designed for PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES in All Sports. Superior Support in all key areas & a discreet, low profile design provides the Most Comfortable Fit & Maximum Results. Whether you're a marathon runner, weekend warrior, nurse or busy parent, these will definitely bring you the soothing relief you need.
NO GIMMICKY COPPER JUNK! Why pay more for Gimmicks & Hype that simply Don't Work? Dump the thin wimpy copper infused sock, plastic orthopedic shoe inserts or orthotics, foot boot, kinesiology tape, neoprene bandage wraps or therapy cream and get the relief you're looking for now! These are also amazing GIFTS & STOCKING STUFFERS for Men or Women. Thousands of Professional Athletes & Satisfied Customers Agree! They will ONLY buy from 1st Elite- 1st in Quality, Elite Performance.
GET SOOTHING FOOT PAIN RELIEF NOW: Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint + Achilles Tendon Support + Ankle Brace + Heel & Arch Wrap COMBINED IN ONE SLEEVE! Perfect for your : Plantar Fascia, Achilles Tendonitis, Swollen Broken or Sprained Ankles, Arch, Ball, Heel, Bone Spurs, Bunions, Bursitis & more. Slide these Sleeves on and Get Active Again!
SUPERIOR COMFORT & EXACT FIT: Simply measure the circumference of your arch & compare to the size chart (in images) to find your perfect fit & size. Wear them day or night, while sleeping, running, working out, sports, with or without socks! Your feet will stay dry and odor free with our exclusive mesh moisture wicking material.

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